Especially For You

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

We all need a community or a group where we can anchor our sense of belongingness securely.

In self-help literature, finding one’s community or group is often referred to as “finding one’s tribe”.

As social beings, we need a tribe so we can thrive in life successfully.

Maslow captured its very essence by saying:

Love, safety, belongingness and respect from other people are almost panaceas for the situational disturbances and even for some of the mild character disturbances.

As writers, we need to be and engage with people who have the same passion, aspirations and goals as we do.

To that point, allow me to share with YOU how grateful I am being here in Medium for it definitely allowed me to find a kindred spirit like YOU whom I can interact and relate with; hence never ever feeling alone again in my creative endeavor.

I just feel at home here.

I found a place…

…which makes me burst in awe as I consume the plethora of marvelous creations it offers

…which enables me to see a bit more of the rich, colorful and exquisite horizon I was looking for

…which waters the creative seed I have decided to nurture

…where I can see pieces of myself and my thoughts in the words, verses, phrases, or sentences of writers like YOU

…where I am encouraged to flourish and give more of myself

…where I can safely leave pieces of me like some sort of an immortality project

And so, to Medium and to YOU who reads this, thank you for your existence.

I found my tribe in YOU!

Much love,




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